Republika Srpska: EFT construction of TPP Stanari, erection of oversized equipment underway

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The installation of oversized parts needed for the system is underway in the UK Swiss energy trading company EFT’s Thermal power plant “Stanari”, by which from that production equipment phase has passed into its assembly and testing..

Leading engineer of EFT Group Slobodan Samardzic stated that it has to do with assembly of generator stator and transformers unit, the most important piece of equipment which has been delivered to the site from Chinain the past seven days, in three packages.

– The generatorstator, weighing 203 tons and about 300 megawatts of power, is a central part of the system for the electricityproduction in the plant, Samardzic said.

The hardest delivered equipment in the Thermal power plant is transformers unit, weighing 210 tons, with the power of 370 megavolt-amperes, which represents the link between the Thermal power plant and the electricity transmission system of Republika Srpska and BiH.

According to him, the generator will produce around two billion kilowatt-hours of electricityduring a year to, which will be transmitted in the power systemover a transformers unit.

– Positioning of the equipment and its delivery is one of the key steps in the construction of the Thermal power plant, by which from that production equipment phase has passed into its assembly and testing, Samardzic said.

Technical Director of TPP “Stanari” Sava Mirkovic said it was expected to start trial operation in Thermal Power Plantnext year at this time. Most of the work has been completed and remains small works around the coalsystem, which will be resolved by the end of the year.

He said that the pace of work on the site, with about 900 workers, is executed within the stipulated time, which is aided by favorableweather.According to him, over the next year the focus will be on the equipment installation and tests and rehearsals performance.

The plant TPP “Stanari”, in whose construction so far have been invested more than 311 MEUR, should be probationary put into operation next year, conveyed RTRS.

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