Republika Srpska: EFT’s coal mine record production in 2012

, SEE Energy News

Lignite mine Stanari, next to Doboj, owned by Energy Company “EFT” has accomplished record manufacture of more than million tons of coal last year.

– We accomplished the production of 1.087.000 tons of coal in 2012. We sold 1.057.000 tons on domestic and foreign market. This is the biggest production accomplished in Stanari so far, since coal exploitation began in 1948. It is a remarkable result managed with devotion of the employees, investment in their education and training, stimulating and adequate awarding, but also with significant EFT’s investments in technology and modernization of production process- Ivica Jakovljevic, Director of EFT- Rudnik and Termoelektrana Stanari, said.

If we continue in this rhythm, planned production of 2,5 million tons a year, which is needed to for continual supply of TPP Stanari “Gradska toplana” in Doboj and for a part of wide consumption, will be accomplished faster than it is expected to be.

EFT- Rudnik and Termoelektrana Stanari accomplished all arranged responsibilities to its buyers: “Elektroprivreda BiH”, “Sisecam Soda” Lukavac, “Natron Hayat” Maglaj, “Gradska toplana” Doboj, “Vipap Videm” Krsko, and many others.

Annual plan for this year is 930.000 tons of coal and people from EFT are sure that workers of EFT-Rudnik I Termoelektrana Stanari will manage to accomplish that.

– We expect that we’ll be on thousand tons level this year also and it is our goal. Condition for it is, of course, quality work on overburden because there is no stable production without it. We had a plan of 5.800.00 m3 of overburden for 2012, and we accomplished 7.037.000 m3 which is a perfect result. We have 4 million tons of discovered coal at the moment. It is a result of successful work on overburden- Jakovljevic stated.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/Nezavisne