Republika Srpska: Electricity price provides siutable market conditions for investments and exports

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The current prices of electricity in the Republic of Srpska, especially for industrial customers, are significantly lower than in neighboring countries, and can be considered as a stimulus for foreign investing given that there will be no increase in the following period, it was said in the Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Srpska / ERS /. In the same time RS electricity is being exported and sold thru active market power traders.

The analysis shows that the average price of electricity for customers in the Republic of Srpska considerably lower than its immediate surroundings, with the exception of Serbia, which has lower prices for customers in the household category, and about the same price level as the Republic of Srpska for other customers categories.

“The average price for an industrial customer to a voltage of 10 kV is 9.18 pfennig per kilowatt / pf / kWh /, while the cost for the customer of this category in the Federation of BiH, in area covered by the Electric Power Industry of the Croatian Community of Herceg Bosna / EPHZHB / dd Mostar is higher by 82 percent, and in the area covered by the Electric Power Industry of BiH is higher by 73 percent”, they note in the ERS.

Price for customers in this category in Montenegro is higher by 62 percent, in Croatia by 129 percent, while in Serbia it is almost the same.

Regarding the buyers from the category of “household”, average price in the Republic of Srpska is 12.51 pf / kWh / year, while the price for buyers in this category in the EPHZHB is higher by 36 percent, and in the area of ​​the Electric Power Industry of Bosnia and Herzegovina is higher by 15 percent.

Compared to the prices for customers in the category of “household” in the Republic of Srpska, prices in Montenegro are higher by 26 percent in Croatia by 67 percent.

The ERS point out that currently, none of the companies in the composition of the joint holding company of ERS is not applied for the implementation of the tariff proceeding and price of electricity to the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Serbian.

In this energy company they remind that the last price increase of 6.2 percent was in 2009, and it has been applied since 1 January 2010.

“That increase is the result of the fact that the Commission has accepted an increase in depreciation and amortization costs caused by bookkeeping of appraisal of fixed assets at power plants and distribution companies on 31 December 2008, while adjustment of prices is not done with changes in input costs, which have remained at the level achieved in 2006”, they say in ERS.

Speaking of the production results this year, ERS points out that the production system of the company achieved production of electricity for four percent more than planned for eleven months.

“Given that all currently operating plants are fully prepared, we hope that this year we will realize one of the biggest productions since the existence of ERS”, they say in this company.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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