Republika Srpska: Eol starts 75MEUR Wind park construction starts, 51MW with 17 turbines

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Construction works on preparation for the wind park building on the mountain Trusina, the first in Republika Srpska, will start in the autumn, announced the project investor, company “Eol prvi” from Nevesinje.

Zlatko Mandzuka, director of the company “Eol prvi”, said that the investor company obtained from the Ministry of Spatial planning, Construction and Ecology of Republika Srpska ecological permit, expressing his expectation to get construction permit next week from Nevesinje municipality, after what would enter into geomechanical researches for preparation of scoop.

– First construction works should be started in the autumn, which would not be huge work, as in the others power plants, because in this case participate with only 10 percent in the total investment with connection work on electro network. Most of the construction works, however, will be done during next year, when the wind park would be constructed, what will be fast process because the wind park elements will be assemble on the ground – said Mandzuka, stating that the job will be given to the domestic companies.

In the October last year, RS government in the company “Eol prvi” gave concession on 30 years for the wind park construction on the location of Trusina, of total installed power of 51 megawatt of electricity. Investment worth 75 MEUR consider construction of 17 wind turbines of three megawatts. Wind turbines height will be 84 meters with wing rotor diameter of 112 meters.

Mandzuka stressed that he had support for the realization of this project of all republic and municipality bodies of public administration, and he expressed his belief that duty from the concession contract of wind park construction would be completed by October 2014.

Branislav Mikovic, former mayor of Nevesinje municipality, during whose mandate was created the company “Eol prvi”,  in which municipality has 3%, and Belgrade company “Omega plus” 97% of partnership interest, said that all investigations of wind potential on Trusina, during last five and a half years, showed great results.

The completed studies showed that wind on mentioned area constantly blows from one direction, namely from slopes of Sarajevo mountains – Igman and Jahorina, which simplifies and makes exploitation cheaper.

In the strategy of energy development in RS BY 2030, as the most perspective area for the wind park construction it is specified precisely the south of RS, the area from Kalinovik to Trebinje. Theoretically utilizable potential for wind energy use is estimated on 640 megawatts and 1.200 gaga watts of annual electricity production.

Experts pointed that technically used potential depended on individual micro location conditions, as infrastructure assess and disposal, and possibilities to take the electricity into electro energy system in RS. They pointed that, according the many states experiences, at the beginning the total installed power in wind electro power plants should be higher than 10 % of peak weighted consummation, and a maximum by 10 % of installed hydro and thermal capacities. For RS this precisely means wind parks construction a maximum by 127 megawatts.

Granted redemption price of electricity from wind electro power plants of 10 megawatts amounts 0, 0826 EUR for each delivered kilowatt –hours in RS.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/RS gov/Eol