Republika Srpska: ERS power utility company continues financing of HPP Dabar development phase

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Hydro Power Plant on Trebisnjica – HET and “Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska” – ESR  will allocate 10MEUR for recapitalization of HPP “Dabar”, confirmed the director of HET Marko Mitrovic.

He added that the decision was made today at the Assembly of Shareholders of HET, acording to which this company will set aside 7MEUR for HPP “Dabar” and ERS 3MEUR

Mitrovic said that the allocated funds will be used for the development of access roads, for technical documentation, and for preparation of the main projects for all facilities of the future HPP “Dabar”.

He reminds us that HPP “Dabar” completed tender for preparation of project documentation of all objects, and that the contractor is selected and introduced into the business.

Director of HET notes that this company and ERS have invested 11 million in HPP “Dabar” until now, out of which 30 per cent of funds invested ERS and 70 percent HET.

According to earlier announcements, HPP “Dabar” will be on a network in early 2017, and feasibility study has shown that the construction of this giant will be the most cost-effective project of subsystem “Gornji Horizonti”, not only for electricity production, but also because the water will be further processed and generated through electricity.

Energy part of the project includes construction of three hydroelectric power plants – “Nevesinje”, “Dabar” and “Bileca”, construction of accumulation RILJE and several smaller reservoirs.

The project includes the construction of irrigation canals Nevesinjsko, Dabar and Fatnicko fields, and the construction of water supply of settlements in the region, which would permanently solve the problem of bringing drinking water to the area.

Investment of 90MEUR anticipated four-year construction of HPP “Dabar”, with installed capacity of 159 megawatts, with a projected average annual generation of 251 GWh.

The power facility will be financed from loan funds / 75 percent / and founder equity / 25 percent /.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk

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