Republika Srpska exclusive: Swiss Comsar Energy, for construction of TPP “Ugljevik 3” – 36 to 40 months

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The Company „Komsar energy Republika Srpska” plans to start works on the construction of TPP “Ugljevik 3″ by the second half of this year.

The timeline for the power plant construction is 36 to 40 months after the commencement of works.

In the Company they remind that, during the last year they built a campus for the workers and got the occupancy permit, about 80 percent of the preparatory work on the construction of coal dump was done, the project was completed and the necessary documentation collected.

At the same time, the construction of two local roads and the construction of two bridges on the river Janja, were finished, which were handed over to the municipality Ugljevik.

The project of TPP was made, it was prepared by a Chinese company CPECC / China Power Engineering Group Corporation Consulting / – the largest company in planning, supervision and design of energy systems in China, which would be the contractor.

As announced, as part of research work for the needs of the construction of surface mining, there were drilled more than 35,000 meters of exploration drilling, which represents the most comprehensive geologic survey in  the past 30 years.

The concession for the construction of power plants was obtained / previously was conducted feasibility study with elements of environmental /, and the Company received the environmental permit, for which the procedure took about a year.

In the frame of the environmental permit, Study of the impact on the environment and Evidence with the application for the environmental permit were made.

A concession to explore coal deposit ” Delići ” and “Peljave – Tobut” was obtained  and ​​detailed geological and geotechnical investigations were performed.

A study on the classification and categorization of reserves and coal quality in the bay ” Delići ” and “Peljave – Tobut  were made “, whose reserves were confirmed by the relevant ministry. The feasibility study with elements of environmental was conducted as well as feasibility study of coal mining in the surface mining.

From the preparatory works for the open pit Ugljevik ” Istok 2″ in the previous year the concession to explore coal on the ” Baljak ” was obtained, and they made ​​detailed geological researches .

In ” Komsar Energie ” they say that the concession for the exploitation of coal deposit ” Ugljevik – Istok 2 ” is obtained and ​​all the preparations for the declaration of public interest for expropriation have been made.

When it comes to the open pit ” Baljak ” , the concession to explore the limestone in this locality was obtained last year, and also, detailed geological research were carried out.

In the Company they note that for this pit feasibility study with the elements of the protection of environment was done, geodetic base for the detailed design of mining activities were made, the digitization of allotment surveys was carried out as well.

In ” Komsar energy Republike Srpske“ say that this year the company will invest about 350 million in two major projects that are being implemented in the territory of the Republic of Srpska – the construction  of TPP” Ugljevik 3″in  Ugljevik and HE ” Mrsovo ” in the municipality of Rudo .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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