Republika Srpska: HPP Dabar 160MW construction works started

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Works on the project “HPP Dabar,” one of the biggest construction sites in the region, are taking by estimated dynamics – the access roads are almost done, and work on the tunnel will start next year, confirmed Branislav Milekic, director of “Power Utility Company of Republika Srpska” (ERS).

Milekic emphasizes that works worth nearly 15 MEUR are underway, and specifies that more than a half of the access roads was finished and works for water supply, electricity line and substation were arranged.

– During this work, there were certain obstacles that were not predicted; however, they are taking on smoothly and as it was planned, and we try to compensate the small delays in the following steps – says Milekic, noting that these days ends compensation reservoir, namely it is only necessary to install the equipment.

When it comes to the main project making, Milekic says that its implementation is underway and it is expected to be completed by January next year.

– We have also completed the part of the project which has to do with the tunnel on the critical path. We expect to be completed before the deadline for main project completion in order to be able to access the preparation of tender documentation – explains Milekic, who expects that works on the tunnel will start by the end of 2014, which will be built for the needs of hydro power plant.

The director of “HPP Dabar”, Radivoje Bratic, explains for  “Srna” that paving has been done currently on a section from Divina to Zovi Do , on the way Bileca-Nevesinje, where it was ruptured 20 km of new road, of which about a dozen others still remain unpaved.

-There is about 34 kilometers of access road, performers were introduced mostly on all the routes – says Bratic, adding that at the same time the pipes for water supply are laid and the optical cable is set. He believes that if the weather conditions allow it to be, preparatory work will be completed in May next year.

When it comes to the price of this work, Bratic points out that the prices achieved in the tender are considerably less than it was the planned by the project.

The director of “HPP Dabar,” says that in the municipalities Bileca and Berkovici were resolved property issues and the funds were paid to the owners.

Speaking of the main project, Bratic explained that the works were agreed two months ago, and that the deadline for its creation was 12 months, while the design of the tunnel would be completed in January 2014.

After recently visited the works, director of the Direction for production in the “Serbian Power Utility Company “, Ilija Tamindzija, expressed satisfaction with the work dynamics of the “HPP Dabar,” which is being built as part of the “Gornji horiozonti.”

He expressed satisfaction because, thanks to the road section breaking, the route Nevesinje – Bileca would be reduced about 30 kilometers compared to the current one through Gacko.

– For years this part of Herzegovina was a hostage of the “Gornji horozonti”, for whose realization it has been waited for more than three decades. For each project that was in the interests of local people was the pretext not to be realize because of “Gornji horizonti” construction, because within this project it was planned the infrastructure – says Tamindzija.

According to him, Nevesinje will get quality optical connections with this project, which was not planned before.

In the basic concept of hydro energetic water use of “Gornji horizonti” it was predicted the construction of three hydro power plants – Dabar, Nevesinje and Bileca.

The first and most important in the entire system is “HPP Dabar” .70% of the share capital for the concession company “HPP Dabar” provides IC “HPP on Trebisnjica”, and 30% “Serbian Power  Utility Company”.

After the establishment of “HPP Dabar”, it was done a number of activities in order to obtain construction permits. The location conditions were provided for “HPP Dabar” and the environmental permit was obtained.
It is estimated that the realization of “HPP Dabar”, of installed capacity of about 160 megawatts, could produce about 251 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year, without downstream effects.

According to earlier announcements, “HPP Dabar” will be online at the beginning of 2017, and feasibility study has shown that the construction of this giant project will be the most cost-effective project of subsystem “Gornji horizonti”, not only for electricity production, but also because the water will be further processed and generated through electricity.

The project includes the construction of irrigation canals for Nevesinjsko, Dabar and Fatnicko fields, and also the construction of water supply system of all settlements in the region, which would permanently solve the problem of bringing drinking water to the area.

This electro energetic facility, for whose construction it is necessary to provide approximately 176 MEUR, will be financed from the loan proceeds (75%) and own funds of the founders (25%).

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ERS

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