Republika Srpska HPP Dabar, issues management of the investor and local community successful

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The meeting of HPP “Dabar” Administration, Representative of Local Government in Nevesinje Republic Administration for geodetic and property issues and Citizens Association “Zalomka” was held on 28 February 2013 in order to discuss activities related to the project HPP “Dabar” realization- it was stated on website of Nevesinje municipality.

The meeting was initiated by Citizens Association “Zalomka” in order to clarify certain confusions about expropriation of land which is included in approaching roads’ track.

This association wants damage which is made during preparation work performance to be estimated and paid and justification of housing, auxiliary and other objects’ demolition to be reconsidered.

President of “Zalomka” Association, Miroslav Mucibabic, stressed that HPP “Dabar” project is supported by all Nevesinje’s residents and that everyone wants it to be finished as soon as possible but he warned that people who give their property must be informed adequately.

Director of HPP “Dabar”, Radivoje Bratic, estimated all complains of residents from Zalomka’s river area to be well intentioned. He emphasized that investor will acquire its legal obligations and that nothing harmful to citizens will be done. He called institutions and supervisory services to accelerate their works in order to open tender for main project as soon as possible.

He suggested to Biograd’s residents that they should visit the track of planned approaching road and to determine disputable locations. Bratic promised that competent projector from HET will also be called on the spot.

Acting Director for technical questions of HPP “Dabar”, Tihomir Milutinovic, said that the priority in the next several days will be the expropriation for requirements of construction the approaching road Zovo Do- Bezdjedje-Vodostan.

He stated that tender for water supply of Udbina pit will be announced in ten days.

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