Republika Srpska: HPP Mrsovo investment value of 100M USD to start in 2013

15. March 2013. / SEE Energy News

The construction of HPP “Mrsovo”, the first HPP on Lim river in Republika Srpska, begins this year.

The construction of HPP “Mrsovo will begin only 2 km above current Limsko-Drinsko Lake HPP “Visegrad” or 21km upstream from the confluence of Lim and Drina soon. The new lake will stop Lim’s flow in the length of 9 km with the zero point below the entrance in Rudo. This lake will sink seven houses below Horfica in Polimlje, school, one business object in Mrsovo, wire link and several cemetery locations in Staro Rudo and Polimlje.

-Sinking could be larger but elevation of 358 was changed to 355m in order not to cover part of Priboj municipality in Sjeverin village that is placed right below the bridge on entrance in Rudo. 580 ha of land will be directly or indirectly on the lake impact and the water from the lake will come to the edge of current regional road which goes from Drina, through Rudo in Priboj, toward Zlatibor and Montenegro- Slobodanka Novakovic and Jadranka Ivetic, employees in Projection House “Projekat” from Banja Luka, said on the public tribune.

Future HPP “Mrsovo”, the HPP in Republika Srpska, will be 192m long and 21m high with 10 million cubic water accumulation in damn’s crown. The government and the public from Rudo are interested in construction of HPP “Mrsovo” believing that it will be some development in Rudo where not one from three ex factories works. There are no blue-collar workers in Rudo anymore. People live from pensions and budget consumers’ payments in local administration, schooling, health care, police, culture, informing and sport.

Work on HPP “Mrsovo”, whose owner will be Rasid Serdarov, Acting Constructer of TPP “Ugljevik 3”, will begin this year and it will cost around 100 million dollars.

Source ERS/Agencies/Serbia Energy SEE Desk

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