Republika Srpska & RWE JV “HPP on Drina” company prepares connections for new Drina hpp projects

, SEE Energy News

Director of “Hydro Power Plants / HPP / on Drina” from Visegrad Mile Lakic said that, despite the dry year, a rebalanced annual production plan of 871 gigawatt-hours of electricity will be fulfilled, because the Hydro power plant “Visegrad” produced 740 gigawatt-hours of electricity.

“For 23 years of operation Visegrad power plants produced a total of 20,372 gigawatt-hours of electricity,” said Lakic.

He reminded that among major projects planned for this year, implementation of plans to prevent leakage of water below barrier dam of HPP “Visegrad” began on November 15, and company “Strabag” from Austria won the international bidding for this job.

“This project will be completed in 18 months, and for its implementation it is necessary to provide 22 million CM” said Lakic.

Director of the most successful company in Visegrad says that this year cleaning projects of the river Praca have been completed in order to prevent the piling of sludge in the accumulation of Visegrad plant.

Also a hydro information system in the basin of the river Drina has been connected, a concept project for HPP “Mrsovo” has been made and we took part in the preparations for the construction of four hydro power plants called “Upper Drina”.

“In the next year it is planned to purchase an office building from the company “Andrićgrad” which is currently under construction for “HPP on Drina” said Lakic.

Power plant “Visegrad”, which marked the 23 anniversary, after four years of construction, was put into operation on November 25, 1989. Symbolically start up of the hydro power facility with installed capacity of 315 megawatts was done by then President of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bogic Bogicevic.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine