Republika Srpska: HPP Trebisnjica to fulfill annual power gen plan

, SEE Energy News

Hydro Power Plants on Trebisnjica River / HET / will fulfill the annual production plan of 1388.64 GWh of electricity despite a one-month suspension of aggregate “Dubrovnik”, confirmed the director of the energy company Marko Mitrovic.

He explained that at the request of Hrvatska Elektroprivreda / HEP / work unit is suspended on October 4 this year due to defects in the cooling system, and stated that two fans were made, which solved the problem.

“In relation to the planned monthly production of 95.62 GWh of electric energy, this situation has contributed to the fact that the plan is achieved with 58.89 percent in October,” said Mitrovic.

According to him, the 15 gigawatt-hours of electricity over the plan, which they had in a cumulative, will contribute that the annual plan will be achieved.

When it comes to a storage area in the system, and possible floods downstream of the town, Mitrovic said that based on the weather forecast for the next fifteen days there should not be a flood, and that the situation is under control.

HET, however, can not affect when and how the hydropower plant Capljina will receive the water, because, as they say in the management of the firm, they had not realized any cooperation.

During the night before, between 85 and 100 liters of rain per square meter fell in eastern Herzegovina.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ERS/HET