Republika Srpska: Huge unexplored mineral resources awaiting investors, copper and precious minerals concessions offered

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Republika Srpska has an enviable potential of mineral resources, primarily energy, metallic and non metallic raw material, and drinking, thermal and thermo-mineral waters, said the Manager of the Institute of Geology Dragan Mitrovic. He said when they say raw power, they primarily think of coal, which has been exploited in Gacko, Ugljevik and Stanari.

– Very soon is the opening of new mines in Lješljani, and there are huge potentials in the area of Kotor Varos. There are also several smaller mines, which in the future could have a significant advantage in Srpska – said Mitrovic in Banja Luka, before the professional debate on the draft law on geological research.

When it comes to oil, for which research Russian company won the concession, Mitrovic said that the promising areas are Semberija and Obudovac as well as Prijedor and Kozare.

– Metallic minerals, especially iron, we have in the Prijedor area, but also in the area of Foca and the surrounding of Mrkonjic town – said Mitrovic.

According to him, the copper ore deposit, which has not yet been exploited, exists in the town of Mrkonjic, as well as in the locality of Cavka near Prnjavor.

– Research of deposits of lead and zinc ore are ongoing in the Foca area and Celebic, while Novo Gorazde got deposits of antimony. Non-metallic mineral reserves, or the technical, architectural and building stone, are priceless – said Mitrovic.

Deputy Minister of mines and geology in Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic of Srpska, Darka Deurić, said that the primary objective of the law on the geological survey is the establishment of a legal framework, by which it will be provided more efficiently managing of mineral resources.

Deurić stated that the law foresees a long-term program of development of basic geological survey and shortening the case of the Concession Contract.

– It means for investors that the concession agreement will be mandatory only for the research of coal, hydrocarbons and natural gas, and other minerals they will get based on a decision about the research – said Deurić.

Vaso Novakovic, Professor at the Institute of Applied Geology and Water Engineering in Bijeljina, said that the proposed legislation will accelerate awards of concessions and research, and will bring order to these areas.

– It would mean a lot especially for potential investors in the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources and groundwater – Novakovic said.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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