Republika Srpska: Italy CGE Engineering to start waste to energy project in Banjaluka

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RS Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Zeljko Kovacevic and representatives of the Company “CGE Engineering” from Milano have signed Memorandum for intentions which will enable this company research of potential investments in energy areas in Republika Srpska’s region.

He added that this company is interested to participate in construction of Republika Srpska’s sector of South Stream pipeline.

Kovacevic stressed that this sector has special national interest which means that works on its construction will be performed by companies from Srpska but tenders for foreign performers will be announced in situations that are exceeding possibilities of domestic companies.

Republika Srpska representatives will have ready answers to questions of track and amount thanks to experiences of Srbijagas- he stated during the visit of “Gasprom” delegation.

Representative of Italian company, William Milowan said that this company is currently interested in construction of waste to energy plant in Banjaluka which transform landfill into energy.

He added that company performs works in gasification and that is wants to find a way of participation in the project of pipeline South Stream project construction.

Deputy Mayor of Banjaluka, Jasna Brkic said that one of the most significant problems of the city is heating system and that realization of the purchase of assets cold rolled strip mill in bankruptcy is in progress as well as realization of technological business park which will be introduced to Italian guests today.

She added that regional landfill demand additional investments.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/RS ME