Republika Srpska: KfW bank finances HPPs modernization, Lifetime of HPP “Trebinje 1” will be extended for 20 years

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The revitalization and modernization of HPP “Trebinje 1”, which is part of the project “Power 3”, will extend the life of this power plant for at least 20 years, said Director of the “HPP on Trebišnjici” (HPPT) Marko Mitrovic

Mitrovic points out that some of the equipment installed in the previous two phases, are functioning flawlessly, and that after the third phase, which work is in progress, complete electro-mechanical equipment of HPP “Trebinje 1” will be replaced with equipment of the latest generation.

The cooperation with “KFW” German development bank is being realized within the project “Power 3”, and since 2001, as a “Revitalization and modernization of HPP ‘Trebinje 1” through three stages.

– The first two phases have been completed, and the contract for the third was signed in March last year which is being financed by credit and donor funds in the amount of 10 million euros – said Mitrovic, pointing out that 6 million euros are from “KFW” credit arrangement, 4 million euros are from donations to HPPT from “KFW” bank as well, while the HPPT is participating with 1.12 million euros.

He adds that this phase includes works on the revitalization of the generator and the turbine, and that they have chosen eminent contractors from Germany, Switzerland and Sweden.

The HPPT’s management has highlighted the very good production in the previous period, showing the ambitious plans for this year.

The planned production for this year is 1078.20 GWh, and  by the middle of April has produced 390.69 GWh or 44.37 gigawatt-hours more than planned, Mitrovic said.

He adds that according to the available indicators and monthly plan for April of 102.34 gigawatt-hours  will be exceeded.

Elevation of the reservoir Bileca is 389.14 meters or 0.5 meters below the planned.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk