Republika Srpska: Mine and TPP “Ugljevik”, 5 million loss for a quarter of the year; unions against the concession model granted to Comsar Energy

15. May 2013. / SEE Energy News

Mine and TPP “Ugljevik” finished their business negatively in the first three months of this year and made a loss of 2,6MEUR.

Incomes of output sale amounted 15MEUR- it is stated in the financial report for the first quarter of 2013, published on Banjaluka’s stock market.

Representatives of the Mine and TPP Ugljevik have expressed dissatisfaction again because of issued concession on the coal site “Ugljevik-Istok” and concession to representatives of the “Comsar Energy Republika Srpska” in mayor ownership of the Russian Rashid Serdarov.

RS Government has formed a company “Comsar Republika Srpska” earlier with the firm “Comsar Energy Limited” registered on Cyprus  and Mine and TPP “Ugljevik” have only 10% of participation.

Trade unions pointed that they are not against investments, they only asked complete “Ugljevik-Istok” site to belong to the Mine and TPP Ugljevik. RS Government has changed the solutions for public interest for concession issuance for coal use on sites “Bogutovo Selo” and “Ugljevik-Istok” and “Ugljevik-Istok 2”.

Workers from mine and TPP have previously messaged to all responsible that concession for “Ugljevik-Istok” need to be issued for this company.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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