Republika Srpska; New mining exploration rulebook presented to public and investors

1. April 2013. / Mining

RS Ministry of Industry set the preliminary version of the Rulebook for approval procedure of exploitation field on the public insight on the base of points 5 and 7 of Directions for Republic Authorities Procedures in the public and consultations of law processing.

Exploitation field covers investigation space where mineral reservoirs were placed, the space predicted for putting the raw materials and tailings, as well as space for construction of mining object, facilities, devices and equipment.

Exploitation field is limited with appropriate lines on the surface or natural borders and it spreads in land depth limitlessly.

Solution, that approves exploitation field, contains the name of concessioner whom exploitation field is being approved to, the name of exploitation field, the type of mineral that will be exploited, coordinates of border refractive points of exploitation fields, the expire period of the solution, the reasons for recession of the solution, the end of solution’s validity and height of exploitation field.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk

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