Republika Srpska power generation report: Abundant rain significantly increased ERS HPPS production, TPPS working with max output

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HPPs  of“Elektroprivreda RS” are currently accomplishing 27% bigger production than planned one for this year- it is confirmed from ERS Production Administration.

Daily production of electricity in HPPs amounts more than 9 gigawatt-hours these days and the river’s inflows are more than good.

According to ERS’s documents, Trebisnjica’s incomes in January were 185,64% higher than planned and they amounted 159 cubic meters per second, Drinas incomes are 117,63% better than expected with 367 cubic meters per second and Vrabas’s incomes are 169,91% better with 111 cubic meters per second.

ERS administration explained that long-term stability of electricity production cannot be announced for the whole system but they can be guaranteed to HPP Trebisnjica’s system.

“HPPs on Trebisnjica are accumulative hydro system and the long-term planning on the base of current technology is possible. The stable system of ERS is possible in the following period considering currently high amount of water in accumulation of Bilec which is 10 meters over planned i.e. 200 gigawatt-hours- it is stated in ERS’s Administration.

They explained that long-term production can be provided in circulating HPPs like HPP Visegrad and HPP Bocac on the base of current inflows because they have accumulations that provide production for one (Visegrad) to seven days (Bocac).

Rebalance of the plan was done in October last year- it was said in ERS’s Production Administration what considered the decrease of planned production in HPPs for 21% and the increase of planned production in TPPs for 6,7%. They accomplished 99,6% of annual plan with this rebalance.

“5.135 gigawatt-hours of electricity were produced in the last year. Only TPPs had produced 64% what influenced electricity price because production expenses are much higher in TPPs with reference to HPPs and this surely affects the financial result- it was said in Production Administration in ERS.

TPPs achieve about 60% of total production in ERS system.

They emphasized that TPPs have achieved record results in the last few years. TPP Ugljevik accomplished 1.837 gigawatt-hours’ production last year which is the biggest production since its putting into operation. TPP Ugljevik was 7.434 hours online at the time which is also a record work time for domestic plants. They reminded in ERS that TPP Gacko had the capital overhaul last year so that planned production for 2013 is 1.646 gigawatt-hours.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ERS