Republika Srpska: Power utility company “Elektroprivreda RS” announces investments in new power generation facilities

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Zeljka Cvijanovic, President of RS Government, stated that she has been satisfied with Elektroprivreda RS (ERS) results so far. She stressed the need for bigger personal investment in new capacities, as well as decreases of distributional losses.

RS Prime Minister said after the conversation with ERS Administration lead by Managing Director Branislava Milekic that this holding has made progress in all business segments during the last couple of years.

As she announced, ERS should make progress in investing in future period, with keeping old goals of high payment degree and decrease of distribution losses because of which they gave certain responsibilities to all meeting participants.

According to her words, ERS functions as a stable system which is sensitive to needs of social network, pointing that the company is decided for reacting to the needs of electricity subvention consumption of socially endangered citizens’ category which had been provided 8,5 million KM earlier.

Managing Director of ERS, Branislava Milekic, said that they met meeting participants with previous business, financial position of this system and possibilities for company development.

She expressed ERS’s decision to realize RS Government’s task that refers to stronger progress in investing in renewable energy sources, first of all in hydro energy.

-ERS will deliver investment to the Government soon and we are ready in financial, cadre and material sense to make progress in this area- Milekic said.

She pointed that ERS will take over further activities for decrease of distributional electricity losses. She stated that they called MUP and judiciary to involve in suppression of electricity thievery more actively. Related to that, she underlined that distributional losses are currently much lower than at the same period last year.

371 million KM is planned to be invested most for reconstruction of existing objects- it has been recently stated from ERS. This holding finished last year with 7,2 million KM income. Nine dependent companies did positive business while three of them were in loss. TPP Ugljevik had the biggest income of 12 million KM and “Hidroelektrane na Drini” of 4 million KM. All five distributional companies did positive business but “Eleektrodoboj” had the best results of 660.000 KM.

The parent company in Trebinje achieved positive result of 5,8 million KM while mine and TPP Gacko recorder losses (4,9 million KM), Hidroelektrane na Trebisnjici 4,6 million KM and company “IRCE” with 58.000 KM.

Distributional losses of ERS amounted 15,37% on the record earlier which is 0,83% less than in 2011.

Source;Serbia Energy SEE desk/ERS/RS Gov