Republika Srpska: Power utility ERS earned 40MEUR from electricity sales in 2014

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Power utility of Republika Srpska ERS company marked positive electricity export results in 2014, prices gained in direct sales were satisfactory according to the ERS representative.

Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska sold 1,023 million megawatt-hours of electricity surplus to the commercial customers in 2014 and therefore earned income of 40 MEUR.

Data was presented in the information on the sale of electricity surplus in 2014th.

The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining pointed out that last year were conducted 25 procedures on selling the electricity surplus. They stressed it was planed the sale of 1,624 million megawatt-hours of electricity by the power balance for 2014th, of which 63.03% was sold at an average price of 40 cents per megawatt-hour. The price of sold electricity was ranged from 32 to 48 MEUR per megawatt-hour.

The main reason for plan miscarriage on surplus sale in 2014th is increased power consumption from domestic customers as a result of the floods in May and August due to which electricity is used as a key energy source for drying space – explained in the Ministry.

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