Republika Srpska: Power utility ERS urgent electricity purchase from Kelag Interenergo Austria

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Despite the fact that Republika Srpska power utility ERS is known as exporter of electricity, in 2015 it was forced to purchase missing electricity from neighboring systems of Bosnia federation, Croatia and Serbia.

In February and march 2015 ERS was forced to obtain missing electricity quantities from neighbouring systems in value of almost 400.000 EUR.

The reason was not the increase of demand or consumption but the fall in production due to bad situation in its power generation facilities, and even more lack of investing in the facilities as reported local medias.

ERS purchased 8.210MWh as reported by the commission for purchase of electricity report. Procurement was realized in accordance with national procurement law states the report.

Oudated facilities and lack of investments in the overhauls and modernization of power plants, hydro and thermal power plants, lead to this situation claim from engineering association. Large producers like coal fired power plants Gacko and Ugljevik, due to the outdated equipment and stoppage problems, are disconnected quite often lately. Due to this fact ERS will be forced to purchase electricity secretly from abroad.

ERS also confirmed that TPPs Gacko and Ugljevik were disconnected from the grid due to the production problems but also some HPPs were problematic due to the low levels in their accumulations.

ERS was not buying the electricity directly from Serbia with whom has the direct trading contracts but from Interenergo company and newly signed contracts from march 2015.

Interenergo is the daughter company of Austrian Kelag which is also the concessioner of small HPPs Ugar and Knezevo, transmits

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