Republika Srpska prepares for construction of HPP Bočac 2 in 2013

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Concession for HPP Bočac 2 construction, what should significantly improve business results of the company and electricity expectations in west Republika Srpska is expected this year, it is believed in HPP Company on Vrbas River (HEV) part of “Elektroprivreda RS” holding.

Government planned activities, with adopted Economy policy for 2013, on making suggestions for HPP Bočac’s realization as a compensational plant, 6,3 MW or 10 MW strong, it was indicated in HEV.

HEV have already made a contract for construction of design project and study of economic justification for HPP Bočac 2 with chosen architectural company. They plan to announce tender for making the main project and to work actively on getting all necessary permissions for beginning of construction work.

They indicate that part of the construction work is already done considering that HPP Bočac 2 have damn that functions as compensation pool for existing HPP Bočac which is together with the transmission line for existing electricity transferring in property of Company from Mrkonjić Grad.

They indicate that they already have insured assets in amount of 10MEUR that are deposited in RS banks. Expenses should include only relocation of the road, making one water intake, probably new tunnel in the left part of compensation pool damn and installing of generator.

Construction dynamics depends on time when RS Government will give concession for construction of this important facility.

Energy benefits of the project are estimated in HEV to be meaningful, considering that the big part of production facilities of Elektroprivreda RS is placed in east part of RS, while the biggest consumption is in west part of RS.

Besides, several companies and workforce that will work three years on the object in construction will be engaged. After the construction is finished, one part of workforce will remain to work on project’s maintenance and management.

The study of energy use of Vrbas River’s basin in 2010 showed that construction of HE Bočac 2, 9,34 MW strong, practically don’t have  potential negative influences in population displacement sense, does not influence micro-climate, water quality, or flora and fauna.

On the other side, realization will bring multi energy and economy effects from construction operations’ and following industries engagement, while the municipality will get object that it will pay resource rent fee for as a part of compensation for water use.

Electricity considers other users of Vrbas River, too, i.e. it doesn’t intrude in the location of existing rafting trail, completely opposite, it can significantly help regulating of the river stream for requirements of planning sports and recreation manifestations-it was stressed in HEV. Contribution of HPP Bo;ac 2 will refer to season’s unevenness of river flow, alleviation of downstream valley flooding consequences during big water appearance. Existing of damn and accumulation influences positively on alluvium regime downstream from the damn because all alluvium will remain in accumulation and therefore they take over solving of this problem.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine