Republika Srpska: RES Electricity producers protest against introduction into balancing system

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Producers of electric power from renewable energy sources from Republic Srpska took a united stand at the meeting held in Banjaluka that it is unacceptable to introduce small electricity producers into the electric power balance system, and to make them deliver an assesment of production to an Independant operator on a daily basis, because it is completely absurd.

The announcement of the Renewable Source Energy Producers Association says it is absurd for several reasons.

-It is not technically possible for them to asses daily production in advance because small hydro power plants are circulation based and they have no accumulation, which means that the production will oscillate daily.

-No other European country introduced the obligation for small producers to deliver daily assesments so it is not clear why the Independant Operator in the territory of Republic Srpska and BiH demand it.

-Production of electricity from renewable sources in the Republic Srpska is currently very small, almost negligible compared to total production so that small producers should be excluded from the balance system. This percentage will be additionally reduced after the start up of TPP Stanari.

-The suggestion to charge penalties to small electricity producers based on the difference between the estimated and produced electric power is completely unacceptable.

-Small electricity producers ask the Government of the Republic Srpska to participate in solving this problem because if they are introduced into the balance system it would mean additional expences which would make investing into renewable energy sources even less profitable and attractive.

– Also small electricity producers think they should be additionally relieved of some of the unnecessary administrative expences imposed to them by institutions which regard small hydro power plants the same as large systems, hydro power plants and thermal power plants.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the following companies LSB Elektrane from Banjaluka, EXE, also from Banjaluka, ERS smal hydro power plants, East Sarajevo, MEGAELEKTRIK, Banjaluka, EPROMET, Gradiška, TAUBINGELEKTRIK, Kalinovik, transmits