Republika Srpska: Reservoir Capital gains 30year concession for 17MW HPP concession

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Reservoir Capital Corp posted bank guarantees and signed a Concession Contract with the Government of the Republika Srpska for the 30-year concession to develop and build three run-of-river hydroelectric power projects (“HPP”) on the Cehotina River.

The three projects have a combined capacity of 17.76 megawatts (“MW”) and a projected output of 69.61 gigawatt hours per annum .

Since completing a Pre-Feasibility Study on the project in 2010, the Company has acquired additional flow data and is currently engaged in optimization studies on the project, in addition to general preparatory works ahead of embarking on Feasibility Studies.

Reservoir already develops another project in neighboring Serbia, HPPs Brodarevo.

Source;RS medias