Republika Srpska: RS Government approves coal concession for new unit TPP “Ugljevik”, Comsar Energy Srpska sets the investment project forward

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RS Government determined the proposal of Solution for Coal Exploitation Concession Issuance on the site “Ugljevik Istok 2”, Ugljevik municipality, to the Industrial Association “Comsar Energy Srpska” from Banjaluka. “Comsar Energy RS” is in mayor ownership of Rashid Serdarov and TPP “Ugljevik” has only 10% of shares in this company.

This concession does not endanger work of existing TPP “Ugljevik” in its “prolonged lifespan i.e. until 2039- RS Government claims.

Certain number of workers and unionists of Mine and TPP “Ugljevik” has protested because intention of RS Government to issue concession for coal excavation at “Ugljevik Istok” location to the Company “Comsar Energy”.

-Commission for concession had done opening of the offers and concluded that mentioned company is the only bidder that fulfilled all criterions determined in the public call i.e. that it delivered Study of Economy Justification with elements of estimation for environment protection in coal exploitation on “Ugljevik Istok 2” site. This study was made in accordance with Directions for estimation of public interest existence in unsolicited offer- it is found in the statement from RS Government and it is added that realization of mentioned project municipality Ugljevik like the whole RS will manage “the whole row of benefits”.

Government mentions increase of the number of workplaces as the most important, engagement of domestic workforce and industrial societies, work performers on performing construction, machine and other works what will additionally engage around 800 workers. Other direct or indirect effects will be achieved, too- increase of budget income within taxpaying to local community and RS budget and additional stability of RS electricity system.

Source;RS government/Serbia Energy See desk