Republika Srpska: “Srbijagas” and Gazprom will provide assistance to RS South Stream company partner

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The Company “Srbijagas” will provide all required help to the Company “Gas-Res” in order to compensate lost time in the connection to “South Stream” pipeline like it was defined with their agreement for technical cooperation and coordination, Director of “Gas-Res” Slobodan Puhalac stated.

Puhalac said to Srna that future joint company “Gasprom”-“Gas-Res” with mayor “Gasprom” participation will direct selection procedures and work performance according to standards that are the result of many years’ experience of “Gasprom”.

He reminded that representatives of both sides were chosen when President of Republika Srpska went to Moscow. These representatives should define the type of contract that will be concluded between Srpska and Russia, if it will be the object for industrial subjects that will confirm institutions in Srpska and BiH.

“Determination of road map and the deadline for pre-project and project activities will be enabled in the beginning of March with representatives’ arrival”, Puhalac said.

He added that Republika Srpska has involved in the pipeline project in the almost last moment.

“We had basic estimations of capacities and eventual tracks before signing the Memorandum in Socije. It is necessary to pass all predicted procedures as soon as possible in order to accomplish and coordinate activities, with “Srbijagas” first of all”, Puhalac said.

According to his words, activities in the Republika Srpska’s frame are determined more precisely on the meeting of President, Government Spokesman and Ministers of Industry, Energy and Mining, Traffic and Connections, Spatial Regulation, Construction, Ecology, Ministers of Economy Relations and Regional Cooperation, on 15 February.

He stated that these meetings will be held in every 15 days in the presence of Ministers of Finance, Justice, Representatives of General Attorney’s Office and Geodetic Administration what gave full significance to this project and impulse for reaching missed things.

When he was talking about announcement of Chief for Project Direction Sector in “Gasprom”, Leonid Cugunov that works on construction of “South Stream” pipeline which will begin in January 2014, Puhalac said that this statement cannot be drawn from the context of “road map” defined activities, i.e. activities realized by joint company.

“Besides that, we must have on mind that special law for this project in Serbia was the subject of discussion on the last Parliament’s session. This extremely important law which determines the ways of expropriations and administrative procedures will bring to approval for the citizens. We simplify big projects often and think that the longer time period from announcement to the beginning of realization shouldn’t be long so we consider this deadline as an objective procedure”, Puhalac said.

Source Srna/Serbia Energy SEE Desk