Republika Srpska: Successful business year for Banovici coal company

, SEE Energy News

The federal government has adopted a report on the operations of companies in the field of mining on recent session, in which the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry has the right to operate  on the basis of the state capital (RMU “Banovići” dd Banovići) and coal mines in the part of the Group EP BiH for 2012.

Last year, the mining sector in the overall balance showed a negative business, and there is a loss of 20MEUR, which is 21.25 percent lower compared to the 2011. Coal mines in the composition of the Group EP BiH expressed negative business with the loss of 21MEUR which is 18.76 percent less than the previous year. RMU “Banovići” dd Banovići had positive business results with a profit of 0.6MEUR.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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