Republika Srpska: TPP “Gacko” achieved 96% of planned production

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Thermal power plant “Gacko” spent 1,520 hours on the network and its performance is stable, with no unplanned downtime, technological and technical deficiencies, confirmed executive director for operations of electricity generation and development of thermal power plant “Gacko” Borivoje Vujicic.

This energy giant produced 155.64 GWh of electricity in June, which is 96.07% of the plan, and around 220,345 tons of coal and 75 tons of fuel oil were spent for the produced quantity.

Vujicic recalls that 658.06 GWh of electricity was produced in January-June, which is 90.70% of the plan, noting that the cause of the plan miscarriage is lower heating value of the available fuel (7,466 kilojoules per kilogram) than planned (8,500 kilojoules per kilogram).

There is approximately 145,000 tons of lignite at the landfill of Thermal Power Plant.

According Vujicic, about 218,451 tons of lignite was produced in the mine, which is 109% compared to the plan and it was exploited about 880,600 cubic meters of overburden, or 105.21% of the plan. , transmits