Republika Srpska TPP Gacko, Annual plan accomplished with 99%

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant Gacko produced 1.415gigawatt-hours of electricity last year. This is 99% of annual plan, declared Company Director Maksim Skoko.

Skako states that 2.125.470tons of coal of average heating power 7.753kilo-juls per kg and 2.513tons of crude were needed for the production.

He pointed that successfully finished capital overhaul which is done in five years, felicity’s good motion readiness of and 99% plan accomplishing are thing that happened in 2012.

Skoko points that thermal power plant works steadily at the moment, so coal supplies are about 180.000tons what is enough for three weeks of work for this electricity producer.

He stressed that this year 1.646gigawatt-hours of electricity plan is the most ambitious plan in 30 years of work of TPP Gacko.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine