Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik 3 Comsar Energy project halted due to the lack of bank guaranties for mine expansion

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Russian-Swiss company Comsar Energy which is the investor of new TPP Ugljevik 3 unit still did not provided the banking guarantees needed for land expropriation needed for new coal open pit expansion.

Ugljevik, Branch Office of the Republic Administration for geodetic and property affairs of the Republic of Srpska in Ugljevik has not yet received a proposal to expropriate land for the purposes of new mine Ugljevik East 2 on location Ugljevik village in the area a few local communities, confirmed Obren Radic head of the regional unit.

Radic says that the first phase is planned to be expropriated about 255 lots in Ugljevik village. According to the information received in an interview with representatives of the “energy Comsar RS” Ugljevik, they are waiting for a bank guarantee to be able to start with the expropriation. “In the first stage it is planned to carry out the expropriation of 255 lots with land, buildings and orchards. These are significant assets(resources) that should be provided for this purpose, Radic said.

Radic notes that the RS Government established the general interest for this area, and that the expropriation of land and property will carried out on behalf of the Government of RS and will post the expropriated land to the Government of RS . The government will allocate land for use “Comsar energy RS with Concession agreement.

Radic says , it is a very demanding and responsible job that involves several stages in the expropriation of several thousand pitches in the area of ​​Ugljevik. As for the price of the expropriated land, compensation would be agreed with the previous cases of expropriation of land for the existing RiTE “Ugljevik”. When it comes to buildings and orchards, in this case, will be estimated by experts authorized.

Acquisition plan for the new mine “Ugljevik East 2” includes the local community Ugljevik village, Stari Ugljevik, and parts returnee local communities Janjari, Atmačići, Glinje and Srednje Trnovo. Residents of these villages have over 2,760 hectares of land that would be after the expropriation licensed to use the Company “Comsar Energy RS”, in which 10 % ownership share has the RS Government, and 90 % of Russian businessman Rashid Serdarov. , transmits

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