Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik max power gen, FGD 100MEUR project jan 2014

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Mine and Power Plant “Ugljevik” since the beginning of the year, until the 13th October, delivered 1,173,090 megawatt-hours of electricity in the power system of the Republic of Srpska, which is compared to the plan for that period the achievement of 99.6 percent.

When it comes to generating electricity in this year, director of this electrical-energy giant of the Republic of Serbian, Ziko Krunić, says to keep in mind that due to the prolonged overhaul, when a system for monitoring and management of the block or in other words blocks automation was installed, the Power Plant was out of drive for 60 days.

“The production of electricity was accompanied by adequate coal production in the open pit “Bogutovo Selo”. Since the beginning of the year, ending in September, the mine has achieved production of 1,324,882 tons of coal / 101 percent compared to the plan for that period / and 6,429,164 cubic meters of overburden / 99 percent compared to the plan / ” Krunic said.

He points out that all the employees of the company contributed to the good production results, but it should be noted that the preconditions for that were made with capital investments ​​in previous years.

“In 2013, for eight months, 24.9 million marks were invested in new equipment and facilities, and they are, except for one million marks credit funds which were spent in activities related to flue gas desulphurization, the own funds of the company. About 15 million marks were spent on the purchase of new machinery and equipment for Rudnik, where, among other things, a new excavator and four new trucks were purchased”, Krunic said.

He points out that a key investment in the power plant this year was the installation of a system for monitoring and control of the block, which was done in a record time for 60 days, for the last year’s overhaul duration.

“The system for control and monitoring cost around six million marks, out of which 2,640,000 KM are funds from the World Bank loan under the program ‘Power 4’, and the rest are our own funds,” said Krunic.

He notes that the investment cycle to raise operational readiness of Rudnik and TPP “Ugljevik” has lasted for many years, and it is difficult to list all that is done.

“However, the key investment project in the overhaul was the automation and the introduction of the control and monitoring of the block,” said Krunic.

Implementation of automation process lasted for three years, since the adoption of the plan and the approval by the “Electric Power Industry” and the Government of the Republic of Serbian, until the final installation this year.

“This is one of the projects funded by the World Bank loan and I can say that it is one of the most complex projects, given the fact that more than six thousand signals from various parts of the TPP technology is implemented in the center, where you can monitor and control the work of TPP”, said Krunic.

Recently there was a meeting of experts in Ugljevik, representatives of companies from Russia and Serbia, who designed and installed the system, as well as experts from the M & TPP “Ugljevik” and “Electric Power Industry of Republic of Serbian”, which have concluded that everything was done well, and that after entering up the facility of “Termoelektrana” it has not had a single outage caused by the introduction of automation.

Compliments are specifically addressed to contractors – company “ZIO Podolsk” who was the holder of the contract, and the company “Tornado” who was the creator and supplier of the system.

Russian experts evaluated that this power plant was at the intermediate level of operational readiness until the reconstruction, and now it is a modern system – the last word in technology, from the point of management system.

Plant for wastewater treatment was completed last year, which is also partly funded by the World Bank under the “Power 4”; this year, block automation of thermal power plant has done, and the reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators is planned for the next year, which will reduce flue gas emissions to a level which is in line with European standards.

The biggest and most important job of protecting the environment is the realization of desulfurization project, for which Japanese loan of 100 MEUR was granted earlier, with a total repayment period of thirty years, including a grace period of ten years.

Prequalification of international tender was announced to select companies interested in the project for the flue gas desulphurization of TPP “Ugljevik”, which is funded by the Japanese loan and with own funds of companies, which is also undoubtedly the largest and most important of its kind in the ” Electric Power Industry of the Republic of Serbian”.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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