Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik stable operation and electricity delivery after modernization cycle

18. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

609.040 MW of electricity were delivered to electricity system of Republika Srpska energy company ERS from the Mine and TPP “Ugljevik” in the first six months and it represents 98,4% of business plan- it was stated from this company.

717.000 tons of coal was achieved in mine “Bogutovo selo” at the same time and it is 88,3% with the reference to the plan and 3.653.482 cubic meters of company which is 89% of planned amounts.

Coal reserve of 190.000 tons is placed on TPP’s landfill what proves that the mine has followed needs of TPP for coal.

Overhaul of TPP was done in mine and TPP “Ugljevik” since 20 March until 20 May. This overhaul was intentionally prolonged to 60 days because of automation i.e. managing system installation and monitoring or of block’s operation.

Company stresses that it is the only company in surroundings that succeeded to install this system in record time period of 60 days.

-The work of TPP in period after overhaul confirms that this business is done in high quality because there were no stoppages caused by introduction of automation system- Executive Director for Technical Questions, Dragan Miljanovic said.

According to his words, effects are visible in stable operation without power and parameters’ oscillations, in front of turbine. Miljanovic stresses that automation eased work of directors with production process, increased safety of the work and possibility of subjective mistake in process of managing regime of the TPP block is minimized.

Company expects that everyone with good results in the first half of the year will surely accomplish annual plan of electricity production also.

Source: ERS/Serbia Energy See desk

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