Republika Srpska: TPP Ugljevik to invest 20MEUR in mining equipment

, SEE Energy News

In the mine and thermal power plant “Ugljevik” in the last five years, from 2009th to 2014th, was invested a total of 80 MEUR in new equipment and mining machinery, says Ziko Krunic, director general of TPP “Ugljevik”.

Of the total investment, 42 MEUR was invested in the mine, and 38 MEUR in thermal power plant.

Krunic points out that the investment cycle also is continued this year with a planned investment of 20 MEUR of which 12 MEUR of investment will be realized in the mine, and 8 MEUR in thermal power plant.

– The investments are intended to increase the reliability and efficiency of RiTE. Everything we have invested so far, we have mostly used our own sources for it. We achieved significant savings since we have not engaged the so called “third parties” and since we have used our own machinery for the overburden excavation – said Krunic.

Acquisition of mining equipment has been continued in this year, and in April it has been put into operation a large excavator, worth about 3, 5 MEUR, the largest so far procured company’ work machine. Krunic said that TPP “Ugljevik” currently has the most modern mining machinery in the region, which will be used on the new open pit mine “Ugljevik – East”. He says that in this way have been created all necessary conditions for the smooth operation of thermal power plants until 2039th.

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