Republika Srpska: Ugljevik 3 new TPP unit investment project stable and supported by RS government, says Kovacevic Minister of Energy

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Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of Republika Srpska, Zeljko Kovacevic declared that the construction of one more thermal power unit in Ugljevik  power plant facility is pretty certain so the construction timeframe of TPP “Ugljevik 3” goes in the right direction.

“Investor from Russia has invested 15MEUR so far and he continues the construction of this unit, 300 MW strong”, Kovacevic said in Bijeljina.

He stressed that the construction of this object is not disputable, as well as TPP “Ugljevik 1” from the aspect of its durability until 2035 i.e. 2039 and provision of sufficient coal amounts for TPP “Ugljevik 1”. Both projects have enough coal supply.
According to Kovacevic’s words, both TPPs have perspective.

“Government of Srpska and Ministry of Resources will support these projects”, Kovacevic said.

Source Serbia Energy SEE desk/RS MIEM