Republika Srpska: UK Swiss Co EFT Group invests 131.2 MEUR in TPP “Stanari” in 2015th

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During the last year it was invested 163.36 MEUR in the project “Stanari”, and since the establishment of EFT-Rite “Stanari”, from 2005th until today, has been invested 399 MEUR.

Project of TPP “Stanari” is one of the largest investments in the energy sector in BiH. According to the budget for the construction of EFT-Mine and Power Plant “Stanari” for 2015th, there are planned investments of 131.2 MEUR, said Ivica Jakovljevic, director of EFT TPP “Stanari”.

The remaining sum to the final project price will be invested in the new equipment purchase for the opening of open pit mine “Ostruznja”. The final cost of the project will exceed the planned 560 MEUR.

– EFT Group continued to operate successfully in 2014th. Due to the catastrophic floods that hit Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, it was difficult to maintain regular production mode during last year in the open pit mines and construction sites of large energy facilities, such is thermal power plant “Stanari”. In such conditions, all planned construction activities for the most important project and other related projects, EFT conducted to the planned extent or above the planned dynamics. The fact is that in such difficult conditions for operation, EFT-Mine and Thermal Power Plant “Stanari” has not suffered a major direct material damage. We had record production and sale of coal from EFT arrival in “Stanari”- said Jakovljevic .

It was produced 1.2 million tons of coal during last year, which is 130% of the budgeted amount. Of that 1.17 million tons were sold on domestic and foreign markets, or 126 percent of the planned amount. At the same time, it was excavated and delayed 6.84 million cubic meters of overburden, which is a prerequisite of good work on coal and this is the result – 110% of the planned quantity. Discovered reserves of coal from the mine “Raskovac” amount to more than 7.7 million tons.

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