Republika Srpska: Unplanned delays reduced production in TPP “Gacko”

, SEE Energy News

Thermal power plant “Gacko” produced 130.94 gigawatt-hours of electricity in February, which is 87% of the plan, stated executive director for electricity production and development in this company Borislav Vujicic .

According to him, the reasons for plan miscarriage are three unplanned delays: two delays due to the pipe system of superheated boiler part and one due to the turbine control system.

Vujicic recalled that 289.05 gigawatt-hours of electricity have been produced from the beginning of the year, which was 95 percent of the plan.

– About 90.000 tons of coal and 970 tons of fuel oil in the tanks are located at the landfill – Vujicic said, adding that the unit operates without technical and technological shortcomings.

He noted that delay was also scheduled in March due to mechanical cleaning of the boiler.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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