Republika Srpska: Visegrad municipality approved nickel research, Serbia Nickel company expands to region

20. March 2013. / SEE Energy News

The conclusion that expresses positive opinion for concession issuance for nickel research in Vardiste is voted on Parliament of Visegrad municipality on 11 March.

Positive opinion does not consider approval for concession issuance for eventual mineral exploitation- it is stated in the conclusion.

-If concession is rejected and mineral exploitation possibility, Visegrad municipality will organize public discussion about this with Srpska Government and if it is needed, the referendum, where citizens can declare if they support nickel mine and procession, will be announced- it is said in the conclusion from the session of Municipal Parliament.

The mine, where railway mine was excavated for Railways Vares needs, worked in Vardiste from 1947 to 1957.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk

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