Republika Srpska: Windpark 51MW, Preparations for the construction of a wind farm near Nevesinje started

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On the mountain Trusina near Nevesinje, preliminary work on the construction of the first wind farm in the Republic of Srpska (RS) began, with planned capacity equivalent to the consumption of 27,000 households, it was confirmed by the project holder, the company “Eol prvi” Nevesinje.

Zlatko Mandzuka, company director stated that they started building four kilometers of internal roads required for access to special vehicles for geothermal and geotechnical testing at the locations of future wind turbines.

He says that at the same time they started drilling exploration works, which include examining the composition and quality of the soil and rock on which wind turbines will be built next year. For that job, he says, they hired the firm “IRM – Bor” from Zvornik.

“Preparatory works will be carried out by the beginning of December, when the weather conditions will affect the termination of building and research activities, which, in a second phase, will be continued in late March or early April next year,” explained Mandzuka.

He expressed the expectation to sign an agreement with a strategic partner by the middle of this month, with one of the well-known West European companies that will provide funding for projects amounting up to 150 millions KM.

In the municipality of Nevesinje they briefly confirmed that preparatory works on the construction of a wind farm on Trusina begun, and that this energy project is in accordance with the issued approvals, including building permits.

The RS government in “Eol prvi” gave 30-year concession to build a wind farm in Trusina in October last year, with 17 turbines of total installed capacity of 51 megawatts. Height of the wind turbines will be 84 meters with a wing rotor diameter of 112 meters, and the total annual electricity production at a rate of 160,000 megawatt-hours.

The wind farm will produce 160,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year.

The founders of the Nevesinje company are Belgrade company “Omega Plus” (owner Zlatko Mandzuka) with 97 percent ownership stake and the municipality Nevesinje with three percent.

Mandžuka expressed his belief that they will succeed to complete wind farm construction by determined deadline in the concession contract with future strategic partner, that is by October of next year.

Regarding the delivery of produced electric power, they say in “Eol prvi” that there are two possibilities – the conclusion of the contract with the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” with the mandatory redemption price, or sale in the free market with government incentives.

They note that the decision would be taken on arrival of a strategic partner, and that the contract for delivery in accordance with the provisions of RS, will be signed only after the construction of the wind farm.

The Energy Development Strategy in the Republic of Serbia in 2030 as the most promising area for the construction of wind farms listed just east Herzegovina, actually the area of Kalinovik to Trebinje.

Theoretically exploitable potential for wind energy is estimated at 640 MW and 1,200 gigawatts of annual generation of electricity. Experts suggest that the exploitable potential depends on the conditions of each micro-location, such as access to and availability of infrastructure, and the possibilities of accepting of electricity in the power system of the RS.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk