Republika Srpska: Zarubeznjeft continues oil research and expects two oil drill holes until 2014

23. April 2013. / SEE Energy News

Russian Company Zarubeznjeft intends to continue oil research in Republika Srpska and to open two drill holes during this year.

Director of Zarubeznjeft, Sergej Kudrijasov, has announced today after the meeting with President of RS Milorad Dodik in Banjaluka the investments and achievements of ecological standards in Oil Refinery in Brod.

Kurdjasov stated that all modern steps in the area of ecologically acceptable Refinery business have to be taken and he added that this company is ready for it, as well as for continual following the air quality within measuring station.

“Realization of South Stream project will let us transfer to gas and this will increase ecological questions and efficiency of the refinery work”, he stated.

Managing Director of Zarubeznjeft didn’t want to speak about results of financial business in the refnery. He said that it is “business secret” but he confessed that the last year wasn’t so good when it comes to oil processing.

Dodik rejected the claims of Croatian side that Brod Refinery pollutes air in Slavonski Brod and Croatia.

Refinery in Brod works according to ecological permissions that it got from RS Government and this way it exceeds practice that is present in Croatia”, Dodik told the journalists.

According to his words, “politicization” can often be recognized behind remarks from Slavonski Brod. However, Dodik announced that discussions will be continued and that realization on ecological responsibility of Oil Refinery in Brod.

Representatives of Zarubeznjeft talked also with Prime Minister of RS Zeljka Cvijanovic and it is arranged that working group for achieving obligations from stock purchase contract of oil industry from RS in 2007 should meet once a month in order to reconsider open questions for the purpose of making more profitable conditions of RS oil industry development.

Russian Zarubeznjeft is the mayor owner of Oil Refinery in Brod and Oil Refinery Modrica.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/Agencies

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