Republika Srpska:Gacko TPP completes 5MEUR overhaul project

, SEE Energy News

Power plant “Gacko” was put today into operation after successfully performed  one-month overhaul, confirmed Maksim Skoko, manager of the work unit of TPP “Gacko” .

Skoko pointed out that thermal power plant is currently stable and he expects that after the “break in” it will continue this work.

He stated that for the overhaul, which began the 2nd September, it was allocated about 9 million KM of own resources of the company.

Skoko said that during the overhaul, among other things, it was worked on the boiler-turbine and generator plant, on the plant for slag and ash equipment up to coal transportation, chemical engineering plant and ancillary facilities, as well as the boiler plant.

According to him, for the repair work were recruited workers from Rudnik and TPP, and the other subcontractors as missing and specialized workforce.

Skoko pointed out that this year’s production plan of a billion and 700 million kilowatt-hours of electricity is the most ambitious plan in the thirty-year work experience of one of the largest electricity producers in the Republic of Serbian.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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