Republika Srpska:Power utility company open tender for HPP Nevesinje mdernization project design

, SEE Energy News

“Electric Power Industry of Republika Srpska” ERS has announced a tender for drafting project documentation for HPP “Nevesinje”, more precisely for renovation of the basis of the main project.

The text tender states that it is one in a series of HPP subsystem Upper Horizons and HPP “Nevesinje.” Subsystem Upper horizons is located above the elevation of 400 m and it is consisted of 3 HPP: “Nevesinje”, “Dabar” and “Bileca.”

As at HPP “Dabar” research works are done completely, preparatory works are in the course (electrical and civil engineering works) and according to the dynamic action plan follows the completion of the main project design documentation of HPP “Dabar” and the works under this project.

The estimated total contract value excluding VAT 150.000 EUR.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk/ERS

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