Reservoir Capital Brodarevo HPPs projects faces regional environmental NGOs coalition

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Forming of commission for Brodarevo 1 and 2 influence estimation which doesn’t include Representative from North Montenegro represent extension of the story that was done same as Baransel’s case in Berane, it was stated from NGO Euromost.

Daliborka Pejovic, Acting Director of Agency for Environmental Protection, forgot that opposition will be much stronger now than in Baransel case.

“We don’t believe in this story or in formed commission, especially to Daliborka and her green stars. Therefore, we will form joint team of Serbia and Montenegro and opposition together with citizens. If we need to, we’ll block highroad that connect Serbia and Montenegro, but we won’t let construction of this HPP in Brodarevo to happen”, Acting Director of Euromost, Almer Mekic, claims.
He announced that meeting of NGO representatives from Serbia and North Montenegro will be held in Bijelo Polje on Wensday at 15 o’clock.

“We’ll form common team on the meeting. The team will include 7 representatives from Serbia and five representatives from Montenegro. We’ll arrange all future joint activities on the meeting”, Mekic announced.

Amel Kurbegovic, Coordinator of the Coordinating Committee for the protection and conservation of the river Lim, gave support to Euromost.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/CDM