Revision of the electricity tariff system, followed by the price increase

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There won’t be any price increase until the tariff system is changed, said Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, adding that it depends on the decision of the Government. Possible percentage of the price increase is still not known.

Energy Minister Zoran Mihajlovic confirmed to RTS – in that there still won’t be any price increase, even though there are more and more statements in the media that European Union recommends that the price of electricity should be increased three times by 10 percent in the next year and a half.

“The fact is that the price of electricity will increase next year, but we still cannot tell at what percentage. The basic precondition for it is the change of the tariff system and introduction of social maps so we can talk about a realistic price of electricity” said the minister.

As she explained, we are talking about the different percentages of price increase – from 60 to 80 percent.

“I would keep to what the government decision would be. Of course, once a new tariff system is established” Mihajlovic added.

At the meeting Danish Energy Efficiency Day Minister announced that new incentive (feed – in) tariffs for electricity from renewable energy sources will be known in ten days.

As she pointed out, probably the amount of some feed – in tariffs will be higher and some lower, and for some we are likely to change the duration of these incentives.

The Minister said that the working group of the Ministry of Energy is working on it and that the review of the amount of feed – in tariffs is common in other countries because some of them have already reduced or abolished those incentives.

Mihajlovic has announced that next year at the end of the heating season, the state will provide calorimeter to be installed in heating plants in order to measure the heat according to the consumption.

As she pointed out, and local governments will be required to help the population with the introduction of this type of measurement because, she added, poor people will not be able to sustain the costs of introducing the system.

“We will be focused on maximizing energy efficiency in utility industry, especially in heating plants, which should start generating both heat and electricity as soon as possible, and use more renewable energy sources” said Mihajlovic.

The Minister announced that the Government will adopt a Law on rational use of energy later this year and an Energy development strategy until 2025 will be completed by the end of 2012

When it comes to the energy efficiency, Mihajlovic said that Serbia assume obligation, in line with EU standards, to increase its energy efficiency by nine percent by the end of 2018.

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