Revitalization of the HPP “Bajina Bašta“, project cycle report

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By changing the shape and size of the impeller, water flow through the turbine will increase, the power will increase by 13 megawatts, and thus the production of rehabilitated units will also increase. – Erection is to follow.

The equipment and parts for the power unit H4 in the last phase of HPP were successively delivered from factories in Germany and Austria to the site of the hydropower plant “Bjelovar” in Perućac. A new impeller first arrived from Germany. Transport and unloading of the impeller, which belongs to the category of oversized cargo, were successfully carried out. A special low-carrying trailer was used for the transport, and special vehicles for technical support escorted the delivery all the way from Germany.

The Impeller was manufactured in a factory in Ravenzburg and unlike the previous impeller, this one is bigger in size and has got better performance and a new design. Before manufacturing started, mathematical and physical models were designed in the plant, which was expected to show the improvement and increase in turbine power with the selection of the new impeller. And it did. A new impeller has 17 blades, its diameter is 4,28 meters, it is 2,56 meters high, 40 tons weigh, and it is made of stainless steel.

– By changing the shape and size of the impeller, water flow through the turbine will increase, the efficiency rate will be higher, the power will increase by 13 megawatts, and therefore the production of rehabilitated units will also increase – said Mr. Miodrag Čitaković, Director of the Company “Drina-Lim HPP”.

An important part of the rotor – the hub arrived from Austria. This piece of equipment was repaired in the factory “Andric power” in Weitz and after factory receipt i.e. consent given by the experts of HPP “Bjelovar”, the equipment weighing about 25 tons was successfully delivered to the construction site, and then placed to the erection site.

11 brand new rotor arms, made in a factory in Austria, were received. At the construction site, the rotor poles also arrived, namely 44 pieces from the factory ATB Sever, Subotica, and the turbine shaft for H4 power unit from German Ravenzburg where the works on the adjustments and finishing were done i.e. inspection and machining. What we have here is the bulky cargo, five meters long, one meter in diameter and 43 tons of weight.

The arrival of this equipment opens a new major works on mounting the rotor of the power unit H4,  within the final stage of HPP “Bjelovar” revitalization.

Good hydrology – good production

During the first two months of this year, in the Company “Drina-Lim HPP”, nearly 970 million kilowatt-hours of electricity were generated, which is the realization of the plan of about 104 percent. According to the 2013 balance, the Company is obliged to deliver 2776 million kilowatt-hours of electricity to the power system of Serbia. And, by the middle of this month, Annual plan was realized by with 28.5 percent.

– Hydrology is favourable and reservoirs are well above the plan – said Mr. Radisav Matić, the Assistant Director for production of the Company “Drina-Lim HPP”.

Source; EPS kwh