Romani: Electricity prices on OPCOM rose by 38 % in a week

, SEE Energy News

The average electricity price on the spot market of the Romanian electricity exchange OPCOM on Friday, 24 November has reached over 74 euros/ MWh, which is by 38 % higher compared to the previous week, when the average price was around 53.6 euros/MWh.

The energy production mix on Friday at 11:00 AM was as follows: 30.34 % or 2,452 MW from hydropower plants, 26.31 % or 2,126 MW from coalfired thermal power plants, 24.63 % or 1,991 MW from gas-fired thermal power plants, 16.91 % or 1,267 MW from nuclear power plant Cernavoda, 1.4 % or 113 MW from solar power plants, 0.54 % or 44 MW from biomass power plants and -0.14 % or – 11 MW from wind farms.

This list shows that the price of electricity on 24 November was determined by the wind energy, which is the cheapest type, but on this occasion its production was minus 11 MW, namely the wind farms were consuming electricity instead of producing it. Therefore, Romania imported electricity on Friday morning, a necessary measure which prevented the prices on OPCOM spot market from rising even higher.

At 11:00 on Friday, Romanian electricity consumption reached 8,400 MW, which means that 418 MW had to be imported.