Romania: 22EUR/MW from PV park, record lowest price in 2014

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Traderul Energy Distribution Services company purchased electricity at 100 lei / MWh from a company operating a photovoltaic park in the village of Dolj Press. This is the lowest price at which to sell power on the centralized market in Romania CMBC platform on ending long-term bilateral contracts.

Price and more surprises when it comes to energy that is delivered when consumption reaches its peak. Previous record was 110 lei / MWh, involving an energy trader and a private company to operate a wind farm, but the energy was delivered bandwidth.

According to recent contract of Energy Distribution Services, less than 8,000 MWh will be delivered at peak load between August 2014 and late 2015, that price of transactions fell environment accelerated in recent years, especially amid pressure on price brought by the increasing amount of renewable energy, further supported by green certificates.

Two years ago the average price was about 230 USD / MWh, while a transaction now 150 lei / MWh not amaze anyone, even manufacturers such as Nuclearelecrica or Oltenia Energy Complex, which can stake in maintaining and securing supply, production costs close to the transaction price.

The green energy subsidy through green certification, paid by all consumers in Romania, is an additional source of income for renewable energy producers. Accordingly, the trading price on the exchange of energy is no longer a concern for these companies to survive in the market, a green certificate is traded on OPCOM and dedicated platform at a price of 30 euros.