Romania: 33 new comers in OPCOM power exchange

, SEE Energy News

About 33 new companies entered in July 2015, power exchange OPCOM platforms.

New comers are companies Renovatio Trading (PC-OTC), Cave Wind Farm (PC-OTC), Cernavoda Power SA (PC-OTC), Carpatcement Holding SA (PCV), Verbund Trading Romania (PCV), Nova Power & Gas (PCCB -NC), Energia Verde Ventuno (PCCB-LE).

In late July, DAM spot market had 296 registered participants, intra-day market were enrolled 113 participants at the Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts electricity – PCCB-way trading LE 320 participants were registered and how to Trading PCCB-NC 123 operators were registered.

PCCB-PC market was registered participant and the PC market in OTC trading record 77 companies were listed. OPCOM had 27 companies registered on the Centralized Market for Universal Service.

Green Certificates Market participants were enrolled 800 on July 31, while the Trading Platform Emissions of greenhouse gases (PTCE) only 12 companies were listed. In late July, 16 companies were listed as registered participants on Centralized Market for Natural Gas.

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