Romania: 4350MW from RES, green energy produces 22.3 TWh in 2013

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The number of power gen facilities producing green energy reached in 2013 a number of 559, while the total energy production from renewable sources stood at over 22.3 TWh, with a 4,350 MW installed stated Korodi, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

“Romania has made ​​progress with accelerated pace and if you look on the figures we see that the total energy production was cut in 2013, over 22.3 TWh with an installed capacity to 4,350 MW production units. During the period from 2006 to 2008, in my first term at the Ministry of Environment, we promoted sun and wind map, a tool that has proven an important first step in the development of public decisions sector.

The results were immediate and, in late 2009, we already had 31 plants producing renewable energy without large plants. Hence, we can speak of a real boom. During 2011 there were 82 plants in 2012 reached 151, and at the end of last year there were 559 units of green energy production. At the end of 2012, 14 plants were functional biomass, wind and 73 to 77 units from water. By far, the most spectacular increase was recorded in the production of photovoltaic sources. If 2012 were 41 such units functional at the level of last year there were 395 photovoltaic installations. The share of electricity from renewable sources in total consumption reached at the end of 2013, to 40%. This development has made ​​us the green champions of Europe right now fulfilling our European targets set for 2020, “said Korodi.

According to official quotation Romania has the capacity which exceed the targets set by the European Commission on the amount of energy produced from renewable sources. Currently, nationally, 57% of recorded pollution is caused by greenhouse gases (GHG).

“Climate change effects are phenomena that increasingly more intense. These effects are for years for reasons of meetings worldwide. According to the latest inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG nr) in Romania 57% are the result of energy production and use. In Europe, output is 80%, that is, after the USA and China, among the most polluted regions. Romania has the ability to exceed these targets, but depends on the right decisions to be taken in the coming years. If we look at the evolution and modernization of the energy system helped streamline it. When we talk about green economy means new spaces and areas where economic actors can enter. If higher targets are economically justified, then, will bring benefit in the medium term, not only long term, “said Environment Minister.