Romania, 5,730 MW in 2015-2020 and modernization of older power plants

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Green energy projects and long-term investment plans in the production of conventional energy means Romania might not need to build two new nuclear reactors at its power plant in Cernavoda, according to a study released June 18.

The study, a joint effort by the Romanian chapter of the World Energy Council and Deloitte Romania, shows the numerous green energy projects underway in the country, thanks to a generous support scheme, and planned long-term investments, could lead to overproduction, which raises concerns over the security of the national energy system, Mediafax reported.

“Legislation is too generous in granting green certificates and this will lead to overcapacity in the sector, which will affect the safety and stability of the national energy system,” the study said.

Moreover, according to the National Investment Plan, Romania will install 5,730 MW in 2015-2020 and will rehabilitate units of state-owned thermal power plants Turceni, Rovinari and Craiova.

“This overcapacity that could occur in 2021-2025 raises questions about the usefulness of building two more nuclear reactors in Cernavoda at that time,” the study added.