Romania: ANRE fined electricity and gas suppliers

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In order to sanction the behaviour of  natural gas and electricity suppliers and producers in the wholesale market, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) issued fines totaling 1.36 million for 11 natural gas and electricity suppliers and producers.

The investigation on the wholesale energy market was initiated in 2018 and covered 33 companies. ANRE has completed its investigation for 17 of the targeted companies, of which 14 operate on the electricity market and 3 on the natural gas market. The probes continue for the remaining 16 companies.

The fines relate to either carrying deals to distort the market (A-B-A deals) or not informing in time the system operators about the temporary suspension of activity – with a negative impact on the energy system balancing.

The companies involved in A-B-A deals were fined around 620,000 euros, while those failing to inform about their operations will have to pay around 740,000 euros.

Under the new regulations enforced on 25 September, ANRE can fine wholesale energy market operators with 5-10 % of their yearly turnover.