Romania, ANRE halved estimated cost of energy subsidies

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According to sources within the Government, the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) remade the calculations and obtained an estimated cost of the energy subsidies for this year of only 4 billion euros, effectively halving the initial estimate.

The calculated budget impact is essential for the budget revision currently being prepared by the Government, given that the state still has to pay energy suppliers a significant amount. The new figure is reportedly the result of more detailed estimates of the companies regarding energy prices (electricity, natural gas) delivered to households and small businesses, which are subject to subsidies paid by the state.

Initially, ANRE calculated that the cost of the energy subsidies for the period April-December 2022 will amount to more than 8 billion euros, which is half of Romania’s planned budget. However, the Government implored the Ministries of Finance and Energy to recalculate the formula in cooperation with the energy regulator.